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Youth Cricket League Guidelines 2019


The overall aim is to play as many games as possible.  The flexibility of the Playing Conditions will facilitate this.

1. On receipt of the fixture lists, it is the responsibility of the home team to contact the away team and agree a date within the stated week commencing. Two dates should be offered and one agreed to.  During a Shield Week, clubs are expected to play their scheduled Shield/Plate matches.  This does not prevent clubs from playing League matches during this week but the Shield must take precedence.  Additional matches may be organised through the Fixture Bureau.


2.  It is the responsibility of the winning manager to put the match details on the Play-Cricket website.


4.  A club shall be eligible if its ground is based, or it draws its players from, within the county borough boundaries of:- Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Newport, Monmouthshire, Torfaen. It may enter more than one team in an age group and name its teams A, B etc. (in descending order of merit). A club may be entered from outside this area provided this has been agreed at the Annual Meeting of Clubs.  A player who is a member of any final County or National Squad, and has played for a club’s A team twice, may not play for its B team in the same age group.  (In the event that a club has more of such players than places in the A team then they may play in the B team. The same may happen for players in the first year of their age group who will not get a chance to perform regularly in their A team. The club shall notify the League Organiser if this is likely to arise.) 

5.  A player, who must be a bona fide junior member, may represent a club provided he is under the age of 11, 13 or 15 at midnight on 31st August 2017 of the Competition except as provided for by the Under 15 Playing Condition No 1.   A player may play for one or more age groups provided the above birth date requirement is satisfied. No player may play for more than one club in a season unless at an age group where the player’s normal club has not entered a team. A player wishing to move club during a season may only do so with the approval of both clubs.  

6. Girls will be deemed to be one year younger than their actual age.  However, if they are members of a Cricket Wales (or English County Board) Squad they are subject to the same conditions as the boys in Rule 5.  Girls, who are not National Squad Players, are allowed to play in mixed teams two years below their age group i.e. U13 Girls (Y8) to be allowed to play U11 Cricket and U15 Girls (Y10) to be allowed to play U13 Cricket. Also, if any girl plays in a club’s girls’ team she may only play in one mixed team for the same club, or one at another club, but not both.


7. Organisation shall be the responsibility of Gwent Young Cricketers. All decisions reached by the Organiser will be final. Clubs are accepted into the League on the understanding that they comply fully with the ECB guidelines on the wearing of helmets and child welfare and that the League shall have no liability whatsoever for anything that happens before, during or after any match.