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Youth Cricket League 2011

Presentation Evening

This year's Presentation Evening was attended by around 600 players, parents and Club coaches and officials.  To cope with the numbers there were three consecutive ceremonies at Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15.  In total, there were 320 individual trophies presented to players from 25 teams from 11 clubs.   The League Organiser, Ted Tipper, reported on another good season, despite the poor weather, with 340 matches played between the 89 teams.  He also highlighted the success of those who play in the League in accounting for one-third of the Wales National Squads and one half of those selected for the Wales Emerging Excellence Programme. 

No less than nine clubs have won titles in this year’s  League.  At Under 11, Chepstow A went through the season unbeaten to take the Premier Division title with Newport A as runners-up.  Usk and Sudbrook A shared the Division One East title with just one defeat each and Newport B were in second place.  In Division One West, Newbridge won all nine games to become worthy winners over Cefn Fforest and, in the Reserve Division, Croesyceilog B took the honours ahead of Newport Girls.  At Under 13, there were two unbeaten winners in the 20-Over Divisions; Croesyceiliog A in the East and Ebbw Vale A in the West.  The runners-up were Newport A and Blackwood respectively.  Rogerstone A also went unbeaten through the season in the Pairs First Division, with Usk four points behind, while Chepstow lost just once to take the Pairs Reserve Division with Croesyceiliog B as runners-up.  At Under 15, the Premier Division was hit particularly hard by abandoned fixtures and three teams tied at the top: Chepstow A, Newport A and Sudbrook.  There was a similar situation in Division One East where Chepstow B and Rogerstone became joint champions with Usk as runners-up.  Abertillery took the Division One West title with a perfect record, a clear eight points ahead of Blackwood. Although girls have played in the League for many years, this year saw the first all-girls team to receive trophies with Newport Girls coming runners-up in the Under 11 Reserve Division. 

The presentations of the trophies were made by Peter Hybart, Huw Waters, John Glover and Harry Powell.  Peter is the Director of Cricket for Cricket Wales while the others all played in the League.  Huw had established himself in the Glamorgan first team before having the misfortune to be sidelined for most of the season by injury.  John, in contrast, made his debut at the end of the season and had the distinction of being the first bowler to take a wicket under lights in the Championship, in the pilot day/night match against Kent.  Harry, meanwhile, was still playing in the League last year and yet this year he played for Glamorgan 2ndXI, Wales Minor Counties and Wales U17s while still only sixteen.  At the county's recent end-of-season awards ceremony he was named the Glamorgan Academy's Most Promising Player of the Year.  Apologies were also received from two former players, Mark Wallace and Will Bragg.  Both achieved the target of scoring 1,000 Championship runs in the season while Mark has been appointed the Glamorgan captain for next season. 

Here are some photos from the night.


  Usk - Under 11 First Division East Joint Winners                                                              Sudbrook - Under 11 First Division East Joint Winners


            Croesyceiliog B - Under 11 Reserve Division Winners                                                 Newport Girls - Under 11 Reserve Division Runners-Up


                                Cefn Fforest - Under 11 First Division West Runners-Up                 Ebbw Vale A - U13 Pairs First Division Winners                   


                Rogerstone - U15 First East Division Winners                                             Abertillery - U15 First West Division Winners 

P W L A T PTS     P W L A T PTS  
Chepstow A 10 9 0 1 0 28 Winners Usk 8 7 1 0 0 22 Winners
Newport A 10 7 2 1 0 24 Runners-Up Sudbrook A 8 7 1 0 0 22 Winners
Croesyceiliog A 10 5 5 0 0 20   Newport B 8 5 3 0 0 18 Runners-Up
Abergavenny A 10 5 4 1 0 20   Pontnewynydd  8 2 5 1 0 12  
Malpas A 10 0 8 2 0 10   Ponthir 8 2 5 1 0 12  
Panteg A 10 0 7 3 0 10   Rogerstone 8 2 5 1 0 12  
              Monkswood 8 2 4 2 0 12  
              Llanarth 8 2 4 2 0 12  
              Newport Fugitives 8 2 3 3 0 12  
P W L A T PTS     P W L A T PTS  
Newbridge 9 9 0 0 0 27 Winners Croesyceiliog B 12 8 2 2 0 28 Winners
Cefn Fforest 9 5 1 3 0 19 Runners-Up Newport Girls 12 6 5 1 0 24 Runners-Up
Abercarn 9 4 5 0 0 17   Chepstow B 12 5 3 4 0 22  
Machen  9 4 3 2 0 17   Malpas B 12 4 1 7 0 20  
Ebbw Vale 9 4 1 4 0 17   Panteg B 12 2 2 8 0 16  
Blackwood  9 3 4 2 0 15   Abergavenny B 12 1 5 6 0 14  
Tredegar 9 2 4 3 0 13   Sudbrook B 12 0 8 4 0 12  
Abertillery 9 2 2 5 0 13                  
Crosskeys 9 1 6 2 0 11                  
Pontymister 9 0 8 1 0 9                  
P W L A T PTS     P W L A T PTS  
Croesyceiliog A 12 9 0 3 0 30 Winners Ebbw Vale A 10 10 0 0 0 30 Winners
Newport A 12 8 2 2 0 28 Runners-Up Blackwood 10 4 5 1 0 18 Runners-Up
Chepstow A 12 7 3 2 0 26   Pentwyn A 10 4 4 2 0 18  
Sudbrook  A 12 4 5 3 0 20   Newport Fugitives A 10 3 4 3 0 16  
Ponthir 12 3 8 1 0 18   Newbridge A 10 2 3 5 0 14  
Abergavenny 12 2 7 3 0 16   Brynmawr 10 0 7 3 0 10  
Malpas 12 1 9 2 0 14                  
P W L A T PTS     P W L A T PTS  
Rogerstone A 9 8 0 1 0 25 Winners Chepstow B 14 10 1 3 0 34 Winners
Usk 9 6 2 1 0 21 Runners-Up Croesyceiliog B 14 7 2 5 0 28 Runners-Up
Abercarn 9 4 3 2 0 17   Sudbrook B 14 7 5 2 0 28  
Machen 9 4 1 4 0 17   Newport Girls 14 6 5 3 0 26  
Newport B 9 4 1 4 0 17   Ebbw Vale B 14 6 4 4 0 26  
Monkswood 9 3 3 3 0 15   Rogerstone B 14 3 8 3 0 20  
Cefn Fforest 9 1 5 3 0 11   Pentwyn B 14 2 10 2 0 18  
Abertillery 9 1 5 3 0 11   Newport C 14 2 8 4 0 18  
Panteg 9 0 7 2 0 9                  
Crosskeys 9 0 4 5 0 9                  
P W L A T PTS     P W L A T PTS  
Chepstow A 10 5 1 4 0 20 Winners Abertillery 9 9 0 0 0 27 Winners
Sudbrook 10 5 1 4 0 20 Winners Blackwood 9 5 3 1 0 19 Runners-Up
Newport A 10 5 1 4 0 20 Winners Brynmawr 9 4 2 3 0 17  
Ebbw Vale  10 3 5 2 0 16   Tredegar 9 3 6 0 0 15  
Newbridge 10 3 6 1 0 16   Abercarn  9 3 2 4 0 15  
Abergavenny 10 0 7 3 0 10   Machen  9 2 5 2 0 13  
              Pontymister 9 2 5 2 0 13  
              Pontnewynydd 9 1 5 3 0 11  
              Pontllanfraith 9 1 2 6 0 11  
              Crumlin 9 1 1 7 0 11  
UNDER 15 DIVISION 1 EAST                  
P W L A T PTS                  
Chepstow B 9 7 0 2 0 23 Winners                
Rogerstone  9 7 2 0 0 23 Winners                
Usk 9 5 4 0 0 19 Runners-Up                
Croesyceiliog  9 5 2 2 0 19                  
Ponthir 9 4 3 2 0 17                  
Newport B 9 3 2 4 0 15                  
Malpas 9 2 6 1 0 13                  
Panteg 9 2 4 3 0 13                  
Monkswood 9 1 4 4 0 11                  
Newport Fugitives 9 0 9 0 0 9                  

Report for Results Received by 31st August

The last two weeks of the season has seen some exciting performances.  George Lewis (74no) and Amit Aswani (66no) had an unbeaten 180-run partnership for Abergavenny at Under 15.  In the Under 13 20-Over Divisions, Danny Averiss (Newbridge), Nicky Pepper (Ebbw Vale) and Darnell Taylor-Wood (Newport) each became one of fourteen players to have reached the retirement score of 30 three times this season while Will Davey (Croesyceiliog) has now achieved this six times. The girls in the League were particularly successful in the bowling department.  Ten year-old Charlotte Scarborough took five wickets and Nicole Reid four, both for Croesyceiliog, while Newport’s Emily Pardington took three.

Best Batting Performances

Under 11 –  Ryan Avery (Croesyceiliog) 15

Under 13 Twenty-Overs (Retire at 30) – James Scarborough (Croesyceiliog) 33no, Darnell Taylor-Wood (Newport) 31no, Huw Morris (Newport) 31no, Max Leader (Chepstow) 30no, Will Davey (Croesyceiliog) 30no, Sam Clarke (Ebbw Vale) 30no, Nicky Pepper (Ebbw Vale) 30no, Zac Agnew (Ebbw Vale) 30no, Matthew Brooks (Ebbw Vale) 30no, Danny Averiss (Newbridge) 30no, Luc Kear  (Croesyceiliog) 29, Martin Evans (Blackwood) 27, Tom Bevington (Chepstow) 25, Ben Lander (Chepstow) 22no

Under 13 Pairs – Matthew Brooks (Ebbw Vale) 22

Under 15 – George Lewis (Usk) 74no, Amit Aswani (Usk) 66no, Sam Jackson (Chepstow) 44, Lewis Holley (Abergavenny) 43no, Aaron Edwards (Panteg) 38no

Best Bowling Performances

Under 11 – Charlotte Scarborough (Croesyceiliog) 5-8, Matthew Goddard (Chepstow) 4-?, Dylan Scarborough (Croesyceiliog) 3-1

Under 13 Twenty-Overs Nicole Reid (Croesyceiliog) 4-4, Ben Bowen (Ebbw Vale) 3-3, Jack Powell (Ebbw Vale) 3-3

Under 13 Pairs – Emily Pardington (Newport) 3-14

Report for Results Received by 21st August

With just ten days left in this year’s League, some titles have already been decided.  At Under 11, Chepstow A and Newbridge are both unbeaten in the Premier and One West Divisions and cannot be caught.  In the Reserve Division, Croesyceiliog B are looking strong favourites for the title, while Usk and Sudbrook are joint-champions of Division One East having lost just one game each.  At Under 13, Ebbw Vale A, in the Under 13 20-Over Division, and Rogerstone A, in the Pairs First Division, have gone through the season unbeaten as have Chepstow B, in the Pairs Reserve Division, although there is still a remote possibility they could be caught.  In the 20-Over East Division, it’s still all to play for with Chepstow A, Newport A and Croesyceiliog A all in with a chance of the title.  At Under 15, Abertillery are undefeated champions  of  Division One West but Rogerstone, Chepstow B and Croesyceiliog are all in a with a chance of the Division One East title.  In the Premier Division five teams – Chepstow, Ebbw Vale, Newbridge A, Newport A and Sudbrook - are within three points of each other at the top.

Not many games were played this week so there were few top performances.  The batters were led by Newbridge’s Jake Watkins with an unbeaten 80, at Under 15, while U13 year-old Matthew Brooks, from Ebbw Vale, scored 41 in just four overs.  For the bowlers, Scott Greaves had a four-wicket haul for Abertillery.

Best Batting Performances

Under 11 – James Roberts (Abergavenny) 16

Under 13 Twenty-Overs (Retire at 30) – James Simkins (Fugitives) 31no, Michael Jones 30no,

Under 13 Pairs – Matthew Brooks (Ebbw Vale) 41, G Edwards (Newport) 26

Under 15 – Jake Watkins (Newbridge) 80no, Lewis Holley 48, Scott Daley (Pontnewynydd) 36no,

Best Bowling Performances

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – Tom Hoppe (Fugitives) 3-5,

Under 15 –  Scott Greaves (Abertillery) 4-6

Report for Results Received by 15th August

Only a few results this week with the holidays in full swing.  A look at the tables shows that the positions at the top are being finalised.   However, there is still a lot to play for over the next two weeks. 

For the batters, Luc Kear scored a fine 81no for Croesyceiliog at Under 15 while Ella Reed scored 52 in two innings for Rogerstone at Under 11.  

For the bowlers, Lloyd Saunders of Croesyceiliog took the first ‘fivefor’ in the Under 11 Divisions this season while Joe Edmonds, from the same club, took seven wickets in two matches.  At Under 13, Jack Powell (Ebbw Vale) took a four-wicket haul.

Best Batting Performances

Under 11 –  Ella Reed (Rogerstone) 31 & 21, Matthew Brooks (Ebbw Vale) 24, Harry Morris (Usk) 19, Lewys Jones (Chepstow) 19, Jordan Harris-Cupit (Chepstow) 15, Ian Lloyd (Newbridge) 15, Cole Doolan (Croesyceiliog) 15

Under 13 Twenty-Overs (Retire at 30) – Danny Averiss (Ebbw Vale) 30no, Nicky Pepper (Ebbw Vale) 30no

Under 13 Pairs -  Alex Watson (Chepstow) 25

Under 15 -  Luc Kear (Croesyceiliog) 81no, Jamie Norman (Croesyceiliog) 51no, Lewis Tovey (Pontymister) 45no

Best Bowling Performances

Under 11 – Lloyd Saunders (Croesyceiliog) 5-12, Joe Edmonds (Croesyceiliog) 4-11 & 3-10

Under 13 Twenty-Overs Jack Powell (Ebbw Vale) 4-7, Cameron Lewis (Ebbw Vale) 3-12

Under 15 – Jordan Thomas (Ponthir) 3-16, Alex Williams (Rogerstone) 3-11, Gareth Tiley (Blackwood) 3-15

Report for Results Received by 7th August

As the League moves into the last three weeks of the season there are just eight teams which remain unbeaten. Three of these are from Chepstow, in the Under 11 Premier, Under 13 Pairs Reserve and Under 15 One East Divisions.  Meanwhile, Newbridge (Under 11 One West), Croesyceiliog A (Under 13 20-Over East), Ebbw Vale A (Under 13 20-Over West), Rogerstone A (Under 13 Pairs First) and Abertillery (Under 15 One East) are also undefeated.  While all head their Divisions, except Croesyceiliog A who have some catching up to do in their fixtures, none are certain of winning them as they have teams breathing down their necks.  The biggest movement of the week was Sudbrook's four-place leap to the top of the Under 15 Premier League.

For the second week running, the batters have dominated the Best Performances.  The Star of the Week is surely Ebbw Vale's Corey Wallace who amassed 165 runs in three innings in the U15 Premier Division for once out. Meanwhile, Ellis Ferriman, of Sudbrook, scored an impressive 43 in his four overs in the Under 13 Pairs and Tom Workman, of Machen, 27 at Under 11.  In the Under 13 20-Over Divisions, Robert Williams and Ryan Ward (both Newport) and Joseph Voke (Sudbrook) and Tom Bevington (Chepstow) have raised the number of batters, who have had to retire on reaching thirty three times in the season, to ten. 

It was also a good week for the Gwent Girls.  Having achieved their fifth successive victory in the Wales National League, several of the girls also put in good performances for their clubs.  Harriet Coates (Newport Girls) scored 29 and Ella Reed (Rogerstone) made 22 while Rose Evans and Laura Dixon took three wickets apiece for Newport Girls.

 Best Batting Performances

Under 11 –  Tom Workman (Machen) 27, Ioan Lloyd (Newbridge) 19

Under 13 Twenty-Overs (Retire at 30) – J Williams (Brynmawr) 33no, Luc Kear (Croesyceiliog) 32no, Robert Williams (Newport) 32no, Alex Watson (Chepstow) 31no, Matthew Ward (Sudbrook) 31no, Ryan Ward (Newport) 31no, Callum Butcher (Sudbrook) 31no, Elliot Thomas (Sudbrook) 31no & 25, Joseph Voke (Sudbrook) 30no & 30no, Will Davey(Croesyceiliog) 30no, Darnell Taylor-Wood (Newport) 30no, Tom Bevington (Chepstow) 30no, Andrew Chimes (Chepstow) 30no, Martin Evans (Blackwood) 26no, Scott Thornton (Newport) 20no

Under 13 Pairs -  Ellis Ferriman (Sudbrook) 43, Harriet Coates (Newport Girls) 29, Michael Benjamin (Sudbrook) 23, Joel Mahoney (Pentwyn) 23, Ella Reed (Rogerstone) 22, Lewis Daniels (Pentwyn) 21, Conor Masterman (Rogerstone) 20

Under 15 - Corey Wallace (Ebbw Vale) 78no, 53no and 34, Rhys Pescod (Sudbrook) 53no, Elliot McKenzie (Sudbrook) 51, Jordan Thomas (Ponthir) 45, Jack Nuttall (Usk) 41 

Best Bowling Performances

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – Ellis Ferriman (Sudbrook) 3-2, Rose Evans (Newport Girls) 3-9, Laura Dixon (Newport Girls) 3-16,

Under 15 –  Haydn Smith (Ponthir) 3-17, Logan Andrews (Fugitives) 3-?, James Powell-Jenkins (Malpas) 3-?

Report for Results Received by 31st July

Chepstow were involved in two important matches this week in the League and came out as winners in both of them.  In the Under 11 Premier Division, their A team maintained its 100 per cent record by beating close rivals Newport A.  Meanwhile, in the Under 13 Twenty-over East Division they again beat Newport and now share the lead with them with identical records although Croesyceiliog are only two points behind with two games in hand. 

The batters clearly dominated proceedings in the League this week with Jack Nuttall scoring an unbeaten century for Usk while sharing a 156-run partnership with Herbie Bone.  At Under 13, Malpas’ Scott Archer joined the small band of six batters who have had to retire, on reaching thirty in the Twenty-Overs Divisions, three times this season.  Meanwhile, David Clarke (Ebbw Vale),  Connor Masterman (Rogerstone) and Christian Coleman (Croesyceiliog) scored thirty in their four overs at the crease in the Under 11 and 13 Pairs Divisions.   Depite the dominance of bat over ball, three players did have four-wicket hauls: Tom Keane (Abergavenny), Harry Johnstone (Chepstow) and George Bishop (Chepstow), all at Under 13 level.  Also, two girs had three-wicket hauls: Lucy Griffiths (Ebbw Vale) and Ella Reed (Rogerstone).

Best League Batting Performances

Under 11 –  David Clarke (Ebbw Vale) 33, Ellis James (Malpas) 28, Travis Morgan (Newbridge) 22, Joel Holley (Newbridge) 19, Sebastian Branfield (Usk) 18, Keane Royall (Newbridge) 18, Matthew Hancock (Monkswood) 16, George Bazley (Chepstow) 16, Harrison Rall (Chepstow) 16,  Robert Clarke (Newport) 15

Under 13 Twenty-Overs (Retire at 30) – James Simkins (Fugitives) 33no, Luc Kear (Croesyceiliog) 33no, Darnell Taylor-Wood (Newport) 32no, Robert Williams (Newport) 31no & 30no, Tom Bevington (Chepstow) 31no, Alex Robinson (Pentwyn) 31no, James Scarborough (Croesyceiliog) 31no, Scott Archer (Malpas) 31no, James Jacob (Croesyceiliog) 30no, Glen Hamilton (Abergavenny) 30no, Tristan Astley-Jones (Abergavenny) 30no, Joseph Voke (Sudbrook) 30no, Scott Thornton (Newport) 30no, Will Davey (Croesyceiliog) 30no,  Tom Keane (Abergavenny) 30no, Callum Butcher (Sudbrook) 27, Max Leader (Chepstow) 26, Joel Mahoney (Pentwyn) 26, Ellis Ferriman (Sudbrook) 25, George Jones (Ponthir) 25, Arthur Price (Abergavenny) 24, Benedict Tindall (Chepstow) 22no, Benito Carnevale (Malpas) 21,

Under 13 Pairs – Connor Masterman (Rogerstone) 33, Christian Coleman (Croesyceiliog) 30, Josh Waters (Croesyceiliog) 22, Kieran Hunt (Usk) 22, Matt Baker (Usk) 21, Ella Reed (Rogerstone) 20,

Under 15 – (Usk) 102no, Conor Hopkins (Abercarn) 73no, Herbie Bone (Usk) 50no, R White (Brynmawr) 38no 

Best League Bowling Performances

Under 11 – Lucy Griffiths (Ebbw Vale) 3-4, George Hughes (Malpas) 3-6

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – Tom Keane (Abergavenny) 4-4, Dolan Rees (Sudbrook) 3-4, Bryn Evans (Chepstow) 3-5, Lewis Ford (Ponthir) 3-7, Arthur Price (Abergavenny) 3-12

Under 13 Pairs – Harry Johnstone (Chepstow) 4-8, George Bishop (Chepstow) 4-17, Ella Reed (Rogerstone) 3-8

Under 15 –  L Elias (Brynmawr) 3-0, Rhys Bowen (Abercarn) 3-2, Jack Tovey (Pontymister) 3-14, N Davies (Brynmawr) 3-15

 Report for Results Received by 26th July

There has been some real excitement in the U13 Pairs First Division of the League this week.  First, Machen took away Usk’s unbeaten record in a high scoring match winning by just one run.  Machen, in turn, suffered their first defeat at the hands of Rogerstone A losing by just 10 runs on a match which saw 295 runs scored.  Rogerstone A then defeated Abertillery in a match, with 215 runs being scored, to head the Division as the only unbeaten team left.  Also at Under 13, the long-awaited match between Croesyceiliog and Newport saw Croesyceiliog take the honours by just five runs.  

There was little change in the other Divisions and the Under 13s also dominated the Best Performances.  Scott Thornton, of Newport, and Newport Fugitives’ Jame’s Simkins joined the elite band of batters who have had to retire, on reaching thirty in the Twenty-Overs Divisions, three times this season.  Also, In the Pairs Divisions, Sam Haley of Machen amassed 77 runs in just eight overs and Rogerstone’s Connor Masterman scored 55 in the same time.  For the bowlers, Jamie Norman had a four-wicket haul for Croesyceiliog.  At Under 15, Iwan Gane of Blackwood had a good all-rounder’s performance taking four wickets and scoring 47no.

Best Batting Performances

Under 13 Twenty-Overs (Retire at 30) – Scott Thornton (Newport) 34no, Ben Supple (Sudbrook) 33no, Scott Archer (Malpas) 33no, Sam Calway (Chepstow) 32no, James Simkins (Fugitives) 31no & 30no, Nicky Pepper (Ebbw Vale) 30no, N Davies (Brynmawr) 30no, Zac Agnew (Ebbw Vale) 30no, Jamie Norman (Croesyceiliog) 27, Andrew Chimes (Chepstow) 26no, Michael Benjamin (Sudbrook) 25, Will Davey (Croesyceiliog) 24, Morgan David (Fugitives) 24, Hywel Rose (Croesyceiliog) 20

Under 13 Pairs – Sam Haley (Machen) 43 & 34, Connor Masterman (Rogerstone) 31 & 24, Ellis Ferriman (Sudbrook) 31, Alex Robinson (Pentwyn) 31, Ioan Fisher (Abertillery) 31, Owain Keane (Machen) 30, Christina Shaw (Rogerstone) 29, A Wilson (Machen) 26, Marcus Roberts (Rogerstone) 26 & 23, Michael Benjamin (Sudbrook) 25, Matthew Williams (Croesyceiliog) 20,

Under 15 - Iwan Gane (Blackwood) 47no

Best Bowling Performances

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – Jamie Norman (Croesyceiliog) 4-16, Hywel Rose (Croesyceiliog) 3-20, Lewis Feed (Ponthir) 3-73, Sam Hope-Bell (Croesyceiliog) 3 – 28, N Davies (Brynmawr) 3-29

Under 13 Pairs – Dan Jones (Croesyceiliog) 3-11, Jack Canavan (Chepstow) 3-14

Under 15 –  Iwan Gane (Blackwood) 3-25

Best Fielding Performances

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – Andrew Chimes (Chepstow) 2 catches

Report for Results Received by 17th July

There have been no changes in the leaders of the Divisions over the last week.  The most significant result was in the U11 Division One West where Newbridge took away Cefn Fforest’s unbeaten record while preserving their own.  The batting performance of the week goes to Newport’s Cameron Emmott with an undefeated 80 while A Jones, of Tredegar, took a five-wicket haul.  Lewis Johnson of Ponthir added 3 stumpings to a score of 33 for the best all-rounder performance.

League Best Batting Performances

Under 11 –  Dewi Thomas (Machen) 19, George Bazley (Chepstow) 16, Matteo Cutrupi (Chepstow) 17, Lewys Jones (Chepstow) 15, James Tidmarsh (Abercarn) 15

Under 13 Twenty-Overs (Retire at 30) – Max Leader (Chepstow) 31no, Andrew Chimes (Chepstow) 30no, Benedict Tindall (Chepstow) 30no & 23, Ben Lander (Chepstow) 30no, Josh Kunz (Ponthir) 22, S Harrison (Ponthir) 22

Under 15 – Cameron Emmott (Newport) 80no, Iestyn James (Abertillery) 62, Amir Mian (Newport) 60no, Matt Davies (Ponthir) 57, Scott Archer (Malpas) 44no, Scott Greaves (Abertillery) 41, Owain Keane (Machen) 39no, David Hutchings (Abertillery) 39, Ben Lynch (Tredegar) 39, Josh Hall (Malpas) 39, Lewis Johnson (Ponthir) 33, J Woodcock (Brynmawr) 31, Mark Jones (Monkswood) 30, A Morgan (Pontllanfraith) 30 

League Best Bowling Performances

Under 11 – Jordan Harris-Cupit (Chepstow) 3-6, Dewi Thomas (Machen) 3-11

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – B Rose (Newport) 22

Under 13 Pairs – Krishnan Hariharan (Newport) 4-8

Under 15 –  A Jones (Tredegar) 5-19, Dafydd Myson (Abertillery) 4-21, J Selway (Brynmawr) 3-0,  Adam Malson (Monkswood) 3-3, Rhys Hunt (Monkswood) 3-4, Jordan Singh (Ponthir) 3-5

League Best Fielding Performances

Under 15 -  Lewis Johnson (Ponthir) 3 stumpings

Report for Results Received by 10th July

As we move into the second half of the Monmouthshire Building Society Youth Cricket League season, things are really hotting up, even if the weather isn’t! At Under 11, Abergavenny have a two-point lead in the Premier Division over Newport A with Chepstow the only unbeaten time in third with games in hand.  Sudbrook A lead Division One East with Newport B and Usk in close attendance and, in Division One West, Cefn Fforest and Abercarn are tied at the top with Blackwood and Ebbw Vale within two points.  In the Reserve Division, Croesyceiliog B have opened up a four-point lead over Chepstow B. 

At Under 13, Newport A and Croesyceiliog A are both unbeaten in the 20-Over East Division and seem likely to contest the title, while Ebbw Vale are the only such team in Division One West and have a five-point lead over Blackwood.  In the Pairs First Division, unbeaten Usk and Rogerstone A are contesting top spot while Chepstow B are looking strong in the Reserve Division having won six straight victories, although they currently share the lead with Sudbrook B. 

At Under 15, the Premier Division looks to be the closest for years with three teams – Newport A, Chepstow A and Sudbrook – with just one defeat each.  Abertillery are heading Division One West with five straight wins and unbeaten Chepstow B lead Division One East having inflicted second-place Rogerstone's only defeat of the season.

The outstanding performances of the week belong to the bowlers. Bradley Jenkins (Croesyceiliog), Rhys Pescod (Sudbrook) and Dafydd Myson (Abertillery) each had four-wicket hauls, with Dafydd also taking a hat-trick. 

Best Batting Performances

Under 11 –  R Thomas (Ebbw Vale) 35, James Smith (Sudbrook) 28, Ioan Jones (Sudbrook) 23, Drew Heffernan (Abergavenny) 21, Ben Bridgeway (Croesyceiliog) 18, Lloyd Edwards (Croesyceiliog) 17, Kyle Harrison (Sudbrook)  17, Sion Hayward (Abergavenny) 15, Jamie Owen (Sudbrook) 15, Robert Marsh (Croesyceiliog) 15

Under 13 Twenty-Overs (Retire at 30) – Joel Mahoney(Pentwyn) 31no, Matthew Brooks (Ebbw Vale) 31no, Jimmy Horrick (Abergavenny) 27no, Danny Averiss (Newbridge) 26, D Molyneaux (Newbridge) 26, Alex Sayce-Upton (Rogerstone) 23, Owain Keane (Machen) 22, Zac Agnew (Ebbw Vale) 21no, Nicky Pepper (Ebbw Vale) 21, Connor Masterman (Rogerstone) 21, Marcus Roberts (Rogerstone) 21, G. Jones (Ponthir) 20no, James Powell (Blackwood) 20

Under 13 Pairs – Mike Benjamin (Sudbrook) 28, Christian Coleman (Croesyceiliog) 27 & 22, Josh Waters (Croesyceiliog) 27, Marcus Roberts (Rogerstone) 24, Joe Rabaiotti (Newport) 21, Gavin Nash (Ebbw Vale) 21

Under 15 – Nathan Thomas (Sudbrook) 54, Cameron Emmott (Newport) 54no, Adam Laasna (Croesyceiliog) 53no, Mike Hodson (Rogerstone) 47, Aaron Harris (Usk) 47, Jamie Harris (Rogerstone) 46, Josh Carpenter (Usk) 42, Ollie Thornhill (Chepstow) 39, James Hussey (Sudbrook) 34, S Murphy (Chepstow) 33no, Dan Lezar (Newport) 33no, R Jacobs (Panteg) 30no

Best Bowling Performances

Under 13 Twenty-Overs –   Matthew Hancock (Monkswood) 3-5, G. Jones (Ponthir) 3-5, Sam Campbell (Rogerstone) 3-11, Stroud (Ponthir) 3-20, Joel Mahoney (Pentwyn) 3-21, Matthew Brooks (Ebbw Vale) 3-22, Joe Fitzpatrick (Blackwood) 3-28

Under 13 Pairs – Bradley Jenkins (Croesyceiliog) 4-10, Alex Wilton (Sudbrook) 3-14

Under 15 – Dafydd Myson (Abertillery) 4-1 (inc a hat-trick), Rhys Pescod (Sudbrook) 4-4, Rhys James (Abertillery) 3-2, Mike Griffiths (Rogerstone) 3-3, Mike Hodson (Rogerstone) 3-6, Dan Tyler (Chepstow) 3-9, Chris Blight (Chepstow) 3-7 

Best Fielding Performances

Under 13 Pairs – Lewis Parr (Croesyceiliog) 2 stumpings

Report for Results Received by 3rd July

There there have only been a few changes at the top of the League Divisions over the last two weeks. At Under 11, these were in the Premier Division, where Newport A go top but also lose their unbeaten record to Chepstow A, the Reserve with Croesyceilog B moving ahead of Chepstow B and Division One West where Abercarn join Cefn Fforest at the top.  In the Under 13 20-Over East Croesyceilog B become joint leaders with Newport A.

The best performances belong to the bowlers with James Hussey taking 5 for 15 for Sudbrook, and four-wicket hauls by Glen Hamilton (Abergavenny),  Sam Blakeney (Blackwood ), Aadam Hassan (Malpas) and Ella Reed (Rogerstone).  Sam's 4 for 3 included a hat-trick and Gwent Girls' Ella took 4-7 against the Division leaders.  For the batters, Robbie Clarke scored 57 in just eight overs at the crease at Under 11.  In the Under 13 20-Over Divisions, the Croesyceiliog trio of Will Davey, Luc Kear and James Harvey have each had three innings so far where they have reached the retiring score of thirty. 

Best Batting Performances

Under 11 –  Robbie Clarke (Newport) 36 & 21, Sam Hope-Bell (Newport) 25, James Smith (Sudbrook) 22, Kyle Harrison (Sudbrook) 22, Luca Goddard (Chepstow) 22, Ben Morgan (Crosskeys) 20, Tom Evans (Newport) 19 & 17, Tom Smith (Panteg) 19,  Sion Hayward (Abergavenny) 18, Derryrn O’Rourke (Croesyceiliog) 17, Ben Hope-Bell (Newport) 15, James Roberts (Abergavenny) 15

Under 13 Twenty-Overs (retire at 30) – Scott Thornton (Newport) 32no,  Elliot Thomas (Sudbrook) 32no, Darnell Taylor-Wood (Newport) 30no, Ryan Ward (Newport) 30no, Danny Averiss (Newbridge) 30no, Fred Davies (Abergavenny) 30no, James Simkins (Fugitives) 30no, D Molyneaux (Newbridge) 29, Benito Carnevale (Malpas) 26, Callum Butcher (Sudbrook) 26, Zac Agnew (Ebbw Vale) 23no, Benedict Tindall (Chepstow) 22, Huw Morris (Newport) 22, Sam Hope-Bell (Newport) 22no, Matthew Brooks (Ebbw Vale) 21, Tristan Astley-Jones (Abergavenny) 20no,  Billy Murphy (Newport) 20, Nicky Pepper (EbbwVale) 20

Under 13 Pairs – Michael Benjamin (Sudbrook) 24

Under 15 – Bill Fisher (Chepstow) 65, Jack Fitzgerald (Fugitives) 44no, Sam Jackson (Chepstow) 34


Best Bowling Performances

Under 11 – Sam Blakeney (Blackwood) 4 for 3 (inc Hat-trick), Ella Reed (Rogerstone) 4-7, Chris Tyrell (Crosskeys) 4-8, Aadam Hassan (Malpas) 3-11, Ben Morgan (Crosskeys) 3-?

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – Glen Hamilton (Abergavenny) 4-2, Fred Davies (Abergavenny) 3-14,

Under 13 Pairs – Rose Evans (Newport) 3-8, Michael Benjamin (Sudbrook) 3-11, J Docherty (Newport) 3-19

Under 15 –  James Hussey (Sudbrook) 5-15

 Report for Results Received by 20th June

The recent spell of wet weather has limited the number of games played in the Monmouthshire Building Society Youth Cricket League this week.  Consequently, there have been few changes at the top of the eleven Divisions apart, that is, from the Under 13 20-Over Divisions.  In the East, Croesyceiliog take over at the top after their third straight win while, in the West, Ebbw Vale have ended Pentwyn’s unbeaten record by extending theirs to head the Division.  While Newport A still lead the Under 15 Premier Division, Newbridge have ended their unbeaten run to move into second place.   

The batting performances of the week belong to the Under 13 Pairs Division where three Newport batsmen – James Proctor, Ben Rose and Callum Stewart – each scored over 30 runs in their four overs at the crease.  Joel Thomas and Matt Baker did the same for Usk amassing 68 runs in their four overs together.  Mention should also be made of two substantial innings by Jack Thorpe-Yon (Newport) and Corey Wallace (Ebbw Vale) in the U15 Premier Division.  For the bowlers, the clearly outstanding performance was from Luc Kear of Croesyceiliog whose 5 wickets for 10 runs included a hat-trick while his team-mate Ellis Pheasant bowled a triple-wicket maiden and Usk’s Harry Morris had a four-wicket haul. 

Best Batting Performances

Under 11 –  Ryan Jones (Usk) 23, Dewi Thomas (Machen) 22, Liam Mason (Abercarn) 19, Gareth Fitzpatrick (Blackwood) 16

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – Edward Harper (Ebbw Vale) 30no, Elijah Worrad (Sudbrook) 29, Tom Keane (Abergavenny) 28, Matthew Ward (Sudbrook) 24, Matthew Brooks (Ebbw Vale) 21

Under 13 Pairs – Ben Rose (Newport) 38, Joel Thomas (Usk) 35, Callum Stewart (Newport) 33, James Proctor (Newport) 32, Matt Baker (Usk) 30

Under 15 – Jack Thorpe-Yon (Newport) 87no, Corey Wallace (Ebbw Vale) 75no, Owain Keane (Machen) 43, J Williams (Brynmawr) 39, Alex Gwatkin (Pontnewynydd) 36no, Dylan Stewart (Machen) 35, Sam Haley (Machen) 34, Matthew Nash (Ebbw Vale) 31, Matt Jones (Newport) 31, Ben Wellington (Newbridge) 30

Best Bowling Performances

Under 11 – Oliver Trumper (Llanarth) 3-3, George Rice (Llanarth) 3-4, Corey Mansell (Pontymister) 3-16

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – Luc Kear (Croesyceiliog) 5-10 (inc a hat-trick), Harry Morris (Usk) 4-20, Ellis Pheasant (Creoesyceiliog) 3-0

Under 15 –   Matthew Brooks (Ebbw Vale) 3-2, Sam Haley (Machen) 3-13 

Report for Results Received by 13th June

There have been some exciting team and individual performances in the  League this week.  For example, the Chepstow U11A team scored 154 runs in an innings without losing a wicket while Croesyceiliog U13A totaled 181, also without losing a wicket, with four batters reaching 30 before having to retire.  At Under 15, Rogerstone amassed 226 for 3 in twenty overs before bowling the opposition out for 69.  

At Under 15, two centuries were scored with Jake Watkins (Newbridge) and Mike Hodson (Rogerstone) both reaching the magic number.  Watkins’ score was out of a team total of 139 yet he still ended up on the losing side as Rhys Pescod led Sudbrook to victory with an undefeated 84. In the Under 13 20-Over Divisions, Blackwood’s Joe Fitzpatrick has reached the retiring score of 30 three times so far this season and Owain Keane of Machen becomes the first to reach 30 in the U13 Pairs Divisions. 

For the bowlers, the performance of the week was undoubtedly Newport Fugitives’ Jack Fitzgerald who took all 5 wickets of the opposition to fall for just 7 runs and this included a hat-trick.  Six bowlers took 4 wickets each - Jack Turner (Monkswood), Luc Kear (Croesyceiliog), Jamie Thomas (Pentwyn), Lucy Griffiths (Ebbw Vale), Dan Jones (Croesyceiliog), Finlay Chivers (Rogerstone) – with Thomas and Jones also taking hat-tricks.  In addition to taking 4 for O, Kear scored 30 not out in the same match.

The main changes in the League see Chepstow A go top of the U11 Premier after four straight wins with Blackwood and Newport A moving into the lead in the Under 13 20-Over West and Under 15 Premier respectively.  The top of the table clash in the U15 Division One East saw Chepstow B inflict the first defeat on leaders Rogerstone to maintain their own unbeaten record.  In Division One West, Abertillery join Blackwood at the top after their fourth victory in a row.

Best Batting Performances

Under 11 – George Bazley (Chepstow) 27, Kieran Hunt (Usk) 21, Joel Thomas (Usk) 20, Harrison Rall (Chepstow) 20 & 15, Luca Goddard (Chepstow) 17 & 17, Matthew Hancock (Monkswood) 17

Under 13 Twenty-Overs (Retire at 30) – Scott Archer (Malpas) 33no, Hywel Rose (Croesyceiliog) 33no,  James Scarborough  (Croesyceiliog) 32no, Luc Kear (Croesyceiliog) 30no, Will Davey (Croesyceiliog) 30no, N Evans (Brynmawr) 30no, Joe Fitzpatrick (Blackwood) 30no, Joel Mahoney (Pentwyn) 28no, Sam Woodford (Blackwood) 25no, Michael Jones (Blackwood) 24, Ben Jones (Pentwyn) 21no, James Jacob (Croesyceiliog) 20no

Under 13 Pairs – Owain Keane (Machen) 30, Conor ? (Rogerstone) 22, Mike Benjamin (Sudbrook) 22

Under 15 – Jake Watkins (Newbridge) 101no, Mike Hodson (Rogerstone) 100, Rhys Pescod (Sudbrook) 84no, J Thorpe (Newport) 87no, Luke Wallace (Rogerstone) 64no, Matthew Nash (Ebbw Vale) 57, Jack Nuttall (Usk) 55no, Zam Mawby (Croesyceiliog) 51no, Iwan Gane (Blackwood) 50, Scott Archer (Malpas) 50, Conor Hopkins (Abercarn) 40no, Mike Griffiths (Tredegar) 39, Nathan Thomas (Sudbrook) 38, Shane Murphy (Chepstow) 35no, Scott Greaves (Abertillery) 34no, Matthew Doyle (Chepstow) 33, David Hutchings (Abertillery) 30no, Matt Jones (Newport) 30

Best Bowling Performances

Under 11 – Jack Turner (Monkswood) 4-18, Rhys Wathan (Blackwood) 3-3, Benito Carnevale (Malpas) 3-15, Luca Goddard (Chepstow) 3-?, Henry Sleeman (Chepstow) 3-?

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – Luc Kear (Croesyceiliog) 4-0, Jamie Thomas (Pentwyn) 4-6 inc a hat-trick

Under 13 Pairs – Lucy Griffiths (Ebbw Vale) 4-13, Dan Jones (Croesyceiliog) 4-14 inc a hat-trick, Zac Moore (Machen) 3-6, Athan Howell (Machen) 3-2, Ethan Harper (Ebbw Vale) 3-16

Under 15 –  Jack Fitzgerald (Fugitives) 5-7 inc a hat-trick, Finlay Chivers (Rogerstone) 4-19, Matthew Bowen (Abercarn) 3-6, Jake Rose-Meyer (Rogerstone) 3-9, Sam Greening (Chepstow) 3-18, R Jacobs (Panteg) 3-19 

Best Fielding Performances

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – Michael Jones (Blackwood) 2 catches,

Under 13 Pairs – Harry Morris (Usk) 2 catches

Under 15 -  Chris Blight (Chepstow) 3 catches

Report for Results Received by 7th June

There have been just two changes at the top of the  Divisions this week.  These see Ebbw Vale go top of the U13 20-Over West Division with Usk taking a clear lead in the U13 Pairs First Division.  Also, after a glut of bowling and batting performances last week, these have been rather muted this week.  Instead the plaudits go to the fielders.  Abergavenny’s Billy Merrill-Glover (Abergavenny) took a catch, was involved in two run-outs and also took two wickets while Ryan Avery of Croesyceiliog took three stumpings.  Also, George Mollard of Sudbrook added two catches to his three wickets as a bowler. 

Best Batting Performances

Under 11 –  Ben Griffiths (Abertillery) 26, Ben Morgan (Crosskeys) 22, Rod Thomas (Ebbw Vale) 20, Lloyd Saunders (Croesyceiliog) 20, Alex Hoyle (Abergavenny) 19, Ella Reed (Rogerstone) 18, Ethan Phillips (Usk) 18, J McCoy (Llanarth) 16, Sion Hayward (Abergavenny) 15, Elliot Jones (Panteg) 15, Josh Blake (Fugitives) 15

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – Elijah Worrad (Sudbrook) 31no, Ben Supple (Newport) 30no, Morgan David (Fugitives) 30no, J Mahoney (Pentwyn) 30no, Sam Woodford (Blackwood) 30no, Edward Harper (Ebbw Vale) 29, A Turner (Pentwyn) 24no, Nicky Pepper (Ebbw Vale) 22no, Martin Evans (Blackwood) 20

Under 13 Pairs – Joel Thomas (Usk) 24, Griff Whitson (Usk) 23, Sam Clarke (Ebbw Vale) 22

Under 15 – Ollie Thornhill (Chepstow) 49no, George Collins (Monkswood) 38no,  Matthew Doyle (Chepstow) 32, Lewes Jenkins (Newbridge) 30 

Best Bowling Performances

Under 11 – Joseph Hill (Ebbw Vale) 3-4,

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – George Mollard (Sudbrook) 3-14, Elliot Thomas (Sudbrook) 3-16

Under 13 Pairs – Nicole Reid (Newport) 3-11,

Under 15 –  George Lewis (Usk) 3-6, M Williams (Abergavenny) 3-10,  

 Best Fielding Performances

Under 11 –  Billy Merrill-Glover (Abergavenny) I catch, 2 run-outs and 2 wickets, Ryan Avery (Croesyceiliog) 3 stumpings

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – George Mollard (Sudbrook) 2 catches

Report for Results Received by 30th May

Three weeks into the Monmouthshire Building Society Youth Cricket League season and a few teams are already making an early bid for the divisional titles.  At Under 11, the Newport A and B teams are clear leaders in the Premier and One East Divisions while Cefn Fforest and Chepstow B head the One West and Reserve Divisions.  At Under 13, Newport and Blackwood are heading the Twenty Over Divisions while Abercarn, Newport B and Usk share the lead in the Pairs First Division and the Chepstow and Sudbrook B teams are locked together at the top of the Reserve Division.  Chepstow, meanwhile, are showing their strength at U15, leading as they do both the Premier and One East Divisions although they share the lead in the latter with Rogerstone. In the West Division, it is Blackwood who are the early front-runners. 

The performance of the week goes to Blackwood’s Joe Pitzpatrick who, in the U13 Twenty Over West Divison, retired on 30 and then took 5 for 15 in his four overs.  Another five-wicket haul went to Jess Thornton of Newport Girls and no less than seven other players took four wickets in an innings.  For the batters several reached the retiring score at Under 13 and Rogerstone’s Jamie Harris and S. Murphy of Chepstow both scored 72. 

Best Batting Performances

Under 11 – Ethan Phillips (Usk) 27, Keane Royall (Newbridge) 22, Michael Benjamin (Sudbrook) 22, Andrew Chimes (Chepstow) 22, Robbie Clarke (Newport) 22, Laurence Vargas (Chepstow) 20, Geogia Parfitt (Newport) 19, Ellis James (Malpas) 18, Sebastian Branfield (Usk) 17, John White (Tredegar) 15, Adam Taylor (Chepstow) 15

Under 13 Twenty-Overs (Retire at 30) – James Scarborough (Croesyceiliog) 33no, Will Davey (Croesyceiliog) 31no, Charlie Smith (Ponthir) 31no, Michael Jones (Blackwood) 31no, James Simkins (Fugitives) 30no, Luc Kear (Croesyceiliog) 30no, James Jacob (Croesyceiliog) 30no, Ed Harper (Ebbw Vale) 30no, Glen Hamilton (Abergavenny 30no, Joe Fitzpatrick (Blackwood) 30no, Chris Coleman (Croesyceiliog) 28, Gavin Nash (Ebbw Vale) 23, Louis O’Brien (Ponthir) 22, Elliott Jones (Ebbw Vale) 22, Matthew Brooks (Ebbw Vale) 20

Under 13 Pairs – Kieran Hunt (Usk) 27, Matthew Ward (Sudbrook) 23, Sam Calway (Chepstow) 20

Under 15 – Jamie Harris (Rogerstone) 72, S Murphy (Chepstow) 72, Ieuan Veall (Crumlin) 68, Conor Hopkins (Abercarn) 66, Dan Lezar (Newport) 62no, Jordan Thomas (Ponthir) 54no, Jack Thorpe-Yon 39no, Scott Greaves (Abertillery) 38no, Alex Williams (Rogerstone) 32, Rhys James (Abertillery) 30no, Dean Harris (Chepstow) 30

Best Bowling Performances

Under 11 – Jess Thornton (Newport) 5 for 6, Joe Fitzpatrick (Blackwood) 5 for 15, Harry Bachelor (Newport) 4-4, Luke ? (Sudbrook) 4-?, Ben Rose (Newport) 4-?, Sebastian Branfield (Usk) 3 for 4

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – Rhys Gillett (Ebbw Vale) 3-3, Jarrod Lewis (Ebbw Vale) 3 for 5, Sam Clarke (Ebbw Vale), 3-10

Under 13 Pairs – Harry Morris (Usk) 3-3, Nicole Reid (Newport) 3-10, Bryn Evans (Chepstow) 3-14, Dolan Rees (Sudbrook) 3-?

Under 15 – Thomas Evans (Blackwood) 4-5, Alex Williams (Rogerstone) 4-19, Scott Daley (Pontnewynydd) 4-19, Matthew Tebby (Newport) 4-30, Conor Hopkins (Abercarn) 3-6, Martin Evan (Blackwood) 3-6, Sam Haley (Machen) 3-10, Owain Cooper (Blackwood) 3-11, David Cook (Newport) 3-14, James Simkins ((Fugitives) 3-14, David Hutchings  (Abertillery) 3-?, Ben Griffiths (Abertillery) 3-?,

Best Fielding Performances

Under 11 –  Hywel Gilbert (Usk) 3 catches

Under 15 - Conor Hopkins (Abercarn) 2 run outs

Report for Results Received by 16th May

A look at the Best Performances shows the long dry spell has benefited the batters rather than the bowlers.  In the Under 13 Twenty-Overs no less than twelve scored 30 and then retired, according to the Rules, in just four matches.  Also, there were seven fifties in the U15 Divisions with Usk’s Josh Carpenter not quite able to make the ten runs needed to become the season’s first centurian.  David Monk of Chepstow, meanwhile, amassed 154 runs in his two innings.  Not to be outdone, nine bowlers took three wickets in an innings with Sam Jackson Chepstow) taking 4 for 3 runs in just two overs.  A number of girls play in the League, so it is good to note that two of them, Nicole Reid (Croesyceiliog) and Ffion Wynne (Newport) both had three-wicket hauls.  Good fielding is as essential as batting and bowling and Newport’s Rob Williams 4 stumpings is an excellent example of this.  The match of the week was surely the U15 First Division East encounter between Usk and Rogerstone where Josh Carpenter carried his bat for 91 after a 125-run partnership with Amit Aswani. With Mike Hodson leading the way with 70 Rogerstone eventually won off the last ball of the match, which was a 336 run-feast in just 40 overs!

Best Batting Performances

Under 11 – Drew Heffernan (Abergavenny) 23

Under 13 Twenty-Overs (Retire at 30) – Joe Fitzpatrick (Blackwood) 33no, Michael Jones (Blackwood) 32no, Tom Keane (Abergavenny) 32no, Ryan Ward (Newport) 31no, Tom Bevington (Chepstow) 31no, Benedict Tindall (Chepstow) 30no, Joe Voke (Sudbrook) 30no, Rob Williams (Newport) 30no, Sam Woodford (Blackwood) 30no, Scott Thornton (Newport) 30no, Harry Waterhouse (Newport) 30no, Andrew Chimes (Chepstow) 29no, James Thomas (Blackwood) 27no, Robbie Clarke (Newport) 26no, Tristan Astley-Jones (Abergavenny) 23no

Under 13 Pairs – Connor Masterman (Rogerstone) 26, Harry Johnstone (Chepstow) 27no, Andrew Chimes (Chepstow) 23no,

Under 15 – Josh Carpenter (Usk) 91no, David Monk (Chepstow) 90 & 64, Sam Jackson (Chepstow) 70no, Mike Hodson (Rogerstone) 70, David Monk (Chepstow) 90 & 64, Jack Nuttall (Usk) 57, Oliver Thornhill (Chepstow) 52, James Griffiths (Abergavenny) 48, Nathan Thomas (Sudbrook) 45no, Richard Miles (Brynmawr) 44no, Ben Wellington (Newbridge) 43, Lewes Jenkins (Newbridge) 40no, Shane Murphy (Chepstow) 35no, Rhys Pescod (Sudbrook) 35, Owain Cooper 32no, Cameron Emmott (Newport) 31no

Best Bowling Performances

Under 11 – Jamie Davis (Croesyceiliog) 3-7

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – Huw Morris (Newport) 3-1

Under 13 Pairs – Harry Johnstone (Chepstow) 3-4, Nicole Reid (Croesyceiliog) 3-10, Marcus Roberts (Rogerstone) 3-17

Under 15 –  Sam Jackson (Chepstow) 4-3, Chris Blight (Chepstow) 3-3, Josh Tregaskes (Chepstow) 3-4, Jack Wiiliams (Brynmawr) 3-11, Ffion Wynne (Newport) 3-11,   

Best Fielding Performances

Under 13 Twenty-Overs – Dan Taylor (Chepstow) 2 catches, Rob Williams (Newport) 4 stumpings


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